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  What We Do At Southlake Machine Corp:  
Southlake Machine Corporation is a manufacturer of steel processing rolls used in the rolling mills of today, including leveler rolls, pinch rolls, flattener rolls, caster rolls, wringer rolls, and runout table rolls.

Southlake Machine Corporation also regrinds, reconditions, and repairs these rolls with the capabilities of specialized welding, hard surfacing, coating, hard chrome plating, and dynamic balancing as necessary.
Industries Served by Southlake Machine Corp.: 
Basic Steel Industry
• Hot Strip Mills
• Cold Roll Mills
• Pickle Lines
• Galvanizing and Tinning Lines
• Slitting and Blanking Lines
Steel Service Centers and Processors
Aluminum Industry
Automotive Industry
Paper Mills
Steel Laminators
Flooring Manufacturers

Tensiometer roll is dynamically balanced
A tensiometer roll is being dynamically balanced.
Southlake Machine Corporation is a quality company that can keep your rolling mill equipment running efficiently!

For More Information, Call

  Southlake Machine Corp.
112 North Polk Street · P.O. Box 487 · Morocco, IN 47963-8218
Ph: 219-285-6150 · Fax: 219-285-6151
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