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Roll Reconditioning Services:
Southlake Machine performs roll reconditioning on your steel processing rolls. After passing a 10-point checklist of operatons and stringent quality control inspections, Southlake Machine will deliver the finished product to your door to keep your operation running smoothly.

Rolls waiting for assembly
These rolls are being cleaned and prepared for assembly with reconditioned shafts and retainers.


Our Service Area:
Southlake Machine's extensive service area covers the Midwest to the Northeastern states.
Our 10 Point Reconditioning Checklist:
  1. Disassembly of Roll and Components
  2. Cleaning and Degreasing of all Roll Parts
  3. Roll Inspection (Check Diameter, Hardness, Run-out, and any Repair Issues)
  4. Reconditioning Roll Surface
  5. Repair Shaft Journal Ends and Ancillary Components
  6. Dynamic Balancing if Required
  7. Non-Destructive Testing if Required
  8. Roll Reassembly (Includes new Bearings, Seals, and other Reconditioned or New Parts as needed)
  9. Final Inspection of Rolls for Diameter, Hardness, and any Additional Issues
  10. Packaging of Rolls for Delivery or Storage

Inspecting bronze bridle roll

Southlake Machine provides pick up and delivery of orders for our customers.
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